“Hyperbaric chamber therapy with Dr. Antone has really helped me feel better. I have MS, and I suffer extreme fatigue as well as significant numbness in my feet and legs. After sessions in the chamber: I can feel the numbness easing up, I have much more energy than before, and above all I feel significantly better! When I get out of the chamber, I feel like I can take on the world. Thank you, Dr. Antone.”

– Kat S, Menlo Park


“A truly gifted chiropractor and healer. Dr Thomas Antone fixed me up after my horse dislocated my elbow, shoulder and ribs and whiplashed me.  He did what other chiropractors couldn’t – and I felt better in a couple weeks!  I completely trust and respect Dr Antone and his work.   Also, his EEG/Biofeedback program made a tremendous positive impact on our home life — our 8 year old son had major difficulties with impulse control and rages and Dr Antone’s biofeedback therapy gave us a great kid!  He’s really good at relating to children and motivating them to be their best.  Our family holds Dr Antone in the highest regard and recommend him to anyone needing chiropractor care or EEG/Biofeedback.”

Mrs. A, Los Gatos