How to Become More Alkaline

The body has a pH balance that determines how acidic or alkaline you are.  We are referring here to your cellular fluids, not your blood.  The goal is to get your pH reading between 6.5 and 7.5. Being highly acidic can cause a number of health issues. For example, according to the University of California at San Francisco, women who have chronic acidosis are at greater risk for bone loss than those who have normal pH levels. If you want to become more alkaline, there are several changes you can make to your diet.

Step 1

Reduce your intake of acidic foods: Deep-fried foods, fast food, candy bars, white flour products and processed meats are all high in acidity, and you should start by avoiding them. Dairy products, pasta, fish and whole grains are all acidic as well. Reduce your intake of them, even though they are not necessarily unhealthy.

Step 2

Eat the highest alkaline foods that you can: Broccoli, baby spinach, lettuce, asparagus, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, avocados, apples, lemons, limes, celery, cucumbers, dates and figs are all examples. Have your diet consist mainly of these foods.

Step 3

Drink pH-balanced beverages. Avoid sweet beverages like soft drinks, processed fruit drinks, sugar-laden teas and lattes. Stick with mineral water, green tea, herbal tea and fresh fruit and vegetable juices. You can also add cucumber or lemon slices to any type of water to make it more alkaline.

Step 4

Consume greens drinks. Greens powders are made of such ingredients as spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass, beet greens and chlorophyll. Mix up a scoop of greens in a glass of cold water and consume it one to two times a day to help boost your alkalinity.

Step 5

Monitor your progress with pH testing strips. Rip off a small strip of paper from the roll and apply a urine or saliva sample to it. Once it turns color, match it to the color code on the box to see how alkaline or acidic you are. Test your pH first in the morning or two hours after you eat a meal. Check every couple of days to see how you are doing.


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